Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Night

Friday 13th September, 7:30pm

Put on your best detective hat and join us for a night full of mystery while enjoying a three-course dinner at The Elephant Hotel on Friday 13th September at 7:30pm.

The story so far…

It is 1941. Whilst the might of the German army wages war across Europe, British intelligence is hard at work to develop a weapon that will aid the invasion by sea onto the beaches of France. Many prototypes have been tried but most have failed miserably. Now it is the turn of The Great Panjandrum and such is the interest in this machine of destruction that Churchill himself is going to witness the tests.

An advance party from army intelligence is in the town making sure that all is ready.

However, at a time when the whole world is at war, you can never be too sure who your friend is and who is your deadly enemy.

Unfortunately, for some people tonight, by the time they have worked out the dilemma….they will already be dead!

Tickets 45.00 per person

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