Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Night

Friday 17th May, 7:30pm

Put your best detective hat on and join us for a night full of mystery while enjoying a three-course dinner at The Elephant Hotel on Friday 17th May at 7:30pm.

The story so far: 

“The year is 1937. Mopton Brayside Public School is holding its Grand Dinner at the end of the academic year. This year, however, has been slightly different with the sudden and unexpected date of the Deputy Head, Mr James Crabtree the Maths Master.

The police had been called to the scene and a post-mortem was carried out on Crabtree’s body. Everyone had believed that the old man had simply fallen down the stairs and struck his head on the radiator. The news that followed went round the hallowed halls of Mopton Brayside like a whirlwind of hushed whispers. That wasn’t the case at all, poor old Crabtree was dead before he had hit the first step, brutally stabbed at close range in the temple with a stiletto knife.

The police questioning has already confirmed that the only members of staff who were on the premises at the time were:

Lady Winifred Poole, Headmistress
Miss Jennie Birch, Music Tutor
Mr John Meadows, Head of Dramatic Arts
Miss Nell Stadders, PE & Games Mistress
Miss Maude Baker, School Secretary
Sebastian Piggot-Potts, Head boy

One of more of these individuals wanted Crabtree silenced…but why? This would prove to be no ordinary Grand Dinner, 1937 was to be a year that Mopton Brayside would never forget!

Tickets 45.00 per person

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