Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Night

Friday 1st February, 7:30pm

“Murder is always a mistake – one should never do anything one cannot talk about after dinner.” Oscar Wilde

Put on your best detective hat and join us for a truly memorable three-course murder mystery dinner to help solve a mysterious murder. Come along with family and friends for the night and take part in trying to uncover the true killer.

The story so far…

The year is 1937. The ‘Last Night in England’ party for the members of the Southeast Africa Safari that leaves these shores in the morning, is about the get underway.

The much-acclaimed archaeologist Lady Agatha Plantagenet is here along with her assistant of late the Rev Titus Jennings.

Major Monty Fortescue-Smythe, a crackshot from the King’s Hussars and Lady Agatha’s only nephew, will join the party on his trip – hoping to bag a few specimens for the officer’s Mess.

Edith Marrowbone the famous Crime Writer is believed to be going as well, possibly to pick up some more tips for her next book.

Crispin Moorcock, the Son of Wealthy City Banker, Joseph Moorcock is a late addition to the guest list.

Finally, Mary-Belle Divine the recently widowed Millionairess has signed on with the party ‘to get away from it all.’

Everyone seems to be in good spirits and the evening looks like being a good send off.

For some, it will be a very lasting goodbye.

£45.00 pp

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